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Fix Me ( The Social Welfare Network )

How to ensure proper utilization of resources/funds being provided for a particular vision?
- Highlighting issues to concerned authorities.
- Verification of issue whether resolved or not to the stakeholders involved in supporting the solution/venture.

With the revolutions being brought by the tech in our daily lives, it becomes super important to address the issues which might seem very basic to us but do have huge impact when done in a managed way. Anything that is not managed will deteriorate.
We aim to provide a platform for Social Welfare where on a common medium of addressing/posting issues a communication between civic authorities and public as well as philanthropists is meant to be established. Onwards on particular project, funds are to be utilized and their verification of being spent on the given aspect with a well-managed time frame from the back-end APIs being developed during the Hackathon will be the super cool thing about the idea we are working on.
Mobile platform is the key player in our system where iOS is utilized with huge efforts being put for the interactivity and user experience.

Most of the SDGs are covered by us which includes *Quality Education, *Good Health and Well being, *Improving infrastructure and *Sustainable cities and communities.

One can raise the issue or initiate a request for a particular project like shelter/rooms for Open air schools, toilets being built for schools, students’ welfare, buildings, Patient welfare system, food service at hospitals for patients, improvement of infrastructure where simple fixes are ignored which result in huge impacts e.g., high tension wires hanging from the poles causing serious problems and sometimes casualties which we also witness on TV, street lights not functional and steps for community development being taken for the betterment of community.

Practical examples are numerous when a small community,/civic issue is seen and no further action is taken by authorities nor individuals. This will also be addressed in our idea so that with each passing day, community on our platform grows and the new system of revolutionary change would impact the society in positive way.

We are open to suggestions by folks so that a healthy and co-operative society can be built which could be an example for other societies creating an environment of competition for well-being !


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