•   almost 5 years ago

Homeless to Entrepreneur

If citizens care, we can end homelessness together. Entrepreneurship equation has key ingredients of capabilities, habits and opportunities. We focus on building technology which can enroll homeless and extend support to them to facilitate professional development and offer sustainable housing options.

Homeless to Entrepreneur : A role playing app for citizens/support providers/volunteers to empathize with homeless and provide care/support and earn rewards.

Homeless to Entrepreneur would have a strong back-end to manage Identity as Service, Support Providers Management and Support Logging/Tracking.

Homeless to Entrepreneur would also have a special interface for program managers and care givers on field to report data easily and effectively manage resources on the go.

Key Activities/Actions you can do:
1- Become a Host for Homeless
2- Build Shelters (DIY Kit)
3- Create Network Effect (Share with Friends/Family)
4- Place Opportunities
5- Extend and Provide Support

We look forward to your kind feedback and how we can improve further.


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